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Operational Office: via Vincenzo D'Alberti 4, 6830 Chiasso - Ticino - Switzerland

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Latest information technology news

Mondosoftware joins to ATED

Mondosoftware became member of ATED, the Ticino ICT's company association.

Nuovo Ufficio Operativo

Mondo Software ha aperto un nuovo ufficio operativo a Chiasso che si va ad affiancare alla storica sede legale di Airolo.Il nuovo ufficio ci permetterà di essere ancora più vicino ai nostri clienti.

Latest information technology news

A new way to see logistics in Ticino

Latest information technology news


A complete overview of the business for Project Managers and Cost Controllers, all functionalities available in cloud with a monthly fee, all inclusive

Blockchain: Mondosoftware into the future.

Mondosoftware starts experimenting with blockchain technology in the logistics and transport sector

WOLF – the new Hupac logistics framework

Mondo Software is cooperating with Hupac in the development of WOLF, the new logistics framework. Booking module is operative for the customers and THOS (Terminal Operating System) is being deployed to the terminals. The system is web and mobile based and is full scalable: everywhere and everytime available. Mondo Software is proud of being part of this new way of developing software for logistics and transportation.

Latest information technology news

Expo Leventina

Conclusa EspoLeventina con buon successo. Si ripensa alla prossima edizione con alcuni correttivi…

MS Production New Release

Version 2.0 of MS Production Plan has been released. New features have been added and minor bugs fixed.

Latest information technology news

Salparma sa

Mondo Software sponsorizza il nuovo sito di Salparma sa

Mondosoftware a Expo Leventina

Mondosoftware a Faido per presentare il nuovo portale : una vetrina unica sui prodotti tipici Ticinesi