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Common Europe Congress 2024

Mondo Software and Lansa are waiting you at Common Europe Congress 2024 the place to be for all IBM i lovers, where you can find the best solutions for IBM i !
We will introduce the latest news from Lansa World.

Latest information technology news



Security, reliability and efficiency, the synergy between IBM i and Lansa reduces risks, increases productivity and optimizes performance, a solid foundation on which to base the digitalisation of your company.
The IBM i platform is one of the most secure, reliable, scalable and high-performance platforms, Lansa makes the development of modern and integrated software, capable of an interconnected world, simple and fast.

Latest information technology news


What do I do with digitalization in my company?

Digitalization is necessary for companies for their survival and to remain competitive in a constantly evolving market where the launch times of new products are very short and the connection with suppliers, customers and all those involved in production and distribution is ever narrower.

However, this push towards digitalization must not overturn the way a company is by pushing towards standardization of processes but must allow it to transform while maintaining its peculiarities.

In the digital transformation process it is important to have the right partner to accompany you on the path and advise you in the right direction.

Latest information technology news


Business Intelligence

The term Business Intelligence is today associated to Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics, Lansa offers you an high quality tool integrated with the Lansa Technology, what else ?
Discover with us all the tools from Lansa.
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Latest information technology news


Integrating Visual Lansa with Salesforce

Lansa is a world open to the main platforms on the market, if you are interested in integration with Salesforce you can follow the webinar at:

Latest information technology news


COMPOSER - Automate and integrate business processes

Lansa is not just a web application development environment but an entire ecosystem of solutions for the modernization of the IBM i system.

Composer is a product that allows you to exchange data with any type of platform, manage processes, create documents in various formats and send emails, all through a simple and intuitive interface.

If you want to manage the complexity of business processes, Composer is your tool, so that digitalization and modernization are not just slogans but are implemented in a simple and effective way.

Latest information technology news


Modernize VS. migrate

The IBM i platform has been one of the best IT solutions in terms of modularity, performance and security for more than twenty years, abandoning it thinking that it only offers green and black solutions would be a real shame and migrating towards more widespread languages from RPG (Java , .Net, PHP, etc.) can be time-consuming and difficult to convert programming staff to.

An effective solution is the use of Lansa products which allow you to develop native web applications in step with the most modern technologies in a modern IDE environment without abandoning the IBM i platform and without having to learn too many new concepts: a single high-level language is used both for the client and server parts and what's more it's low-code!

Lansa also provides a suite of products that individually or combined can cover all needs: web facing on the fly for existing applications, IDE for developing new applications, integration system that covers all interfaces with external systems, sending of emails and data extraction, a BI environment, an environment for rapid portal development, etc.

Lansa is not a product but a complete ecosystem that modernizes the IBM i platform, creating a winning combination!

Try Lansa with Mondo Software.

Latest information technology news



Good management starts from good planning, control requires having all the information updated and well grouped, the evaluation of effectiveness starts from the comparison of the estimate data with the final ones.
All of this is available in MSPlan in a clear and simple way.

Latest information technology news


Swiss Virtual Expo

Mondo Software and Lansa are also present in the Swiss Virtual Expo metaverse, available to visitors with our products 365 days a year!

Latest information technology news


Building scalable E-commerce solutions fast with low-code

How to fill a versatile and dynamic product with content?

In addition to its web development systems, Lansa also offers pre-packaged applications that can be easily adapted to your needs in a few simple steps. In addition to providing Portalize which allows you to easily create portals for your company's customers, both B2B and B2C, as well as an ERP product that is easily modular and complete in its numerous components, as well as an excellent Business Intelligence system, as well as Composer which allows you to easily and intuitively connect your information system with all possible external worlds, now also offers an e-commerce system that can be easily integrated and adapted to your needs.

All these products are part of the Lansa ecosystem which already uses an excellent system for the web conversion of IBM i systems (aXes) and a multiplatform low-code web development system (IBM i/Windows/Linux).

Lansa offers a world of solutions for software houses or companies that develop their own business system internally, especially on the IBM i platform.

Latest information technology news


Good innovation

Good innovation comes from modern technologies applied in order to bring benefits without distorting processes, we accompany you on a path where IT adapts to your company and not vice versa. Our tailor-made solutions help make the transformation process smooth.

Latest information technology news


Lansa and multiplatform development

Information technologies are increasingly complex as there are more and more types of devices involved (PCs, tablets, smartphones, IoT devices, wearable devices, etc.) and more interconnected with each other. Furthermore, the issue of safety is increasing.
It is difficult to coordinate and master all the environments involved, for this reason the use of "intelligent" development systems is growing, they permit the development in a single environment with a single language and then take care of releasing the various components on the various devices by generating automatically the necessary code.
Lansa offers a complete multiplatform development solution that allows you to learn a single language, work on a single platform and release your software under Windows, Linux, IBM i, on mobile devices, etc.
Mondo Software can be on your side in the discovery and application of this revolutionary technology.

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