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Latest information technology news


Good innovation

Good innovation comes from modern technologies applied in order to bring benefits without distorting processes, we accompany you on a path where IT adapts to your company and not vice versa. Our tailor-made solutions help make the transformation process smooth.

Latest information technology news


Lansa and multiplatform development

Information technologies are increasingly complex as there are more and more types of devices involved (PCs, tablets, smartphones, IoT devices, wearable devices, etc.) and more interconnected with each other. Furthermore, the issue of safety is increasing.
It is difficult to coordinate and master all the environments involved, for this reason the use of "intelligent" development systems is growing, they permit the development in a single environment with a single language and then take care of releasing the various components on the various devices by generating automatically the necessary code.
Lansa offers a complete multiplatform development solution that allows you to learn a single language, work on a single platform and release your software under Windows, Linux, IBM i, on mobile devices, etc.
Mondo Software can be on your side in the discovery and application of this revolutionary technology.

Latest information technology news


Switch to Lansa products too

Your users can't stand a green and black screen anymore?
Can't find RPG or COBOL experts anymore?
The problem is not in the platform but in its use, there are products that allow you to switch to a modern application, Web and Mobile, with an integrated and visual programming environment while maintaining the wealth of programs you have produced over the years.
Mondo Software and Lansa are engaged in digital transformation and in the proposal of modern and low-code systems (programming support systems that reduce the number of lines of code and increase programming efficiency).
Switch to Lansa products with Mondo Software and maintain your IBM platform by modernizing it and making it more effective.

Latest information technology news


IBM world

Information security is a topic that is becoming increasingly important and decisive in corporate IT infrastructure choices and in this context the IBM i platform has proven to be one of the most secure platforms on the market.
Now that this platform can also manage, thanks to Lansa products, modern applications and simple development environments in line with those of other technologies, the advantages of entering the IBM i world are increasingly evident.
Choosing IBM i for a company represents the achievement of high standards in terms of security, reliability, long-term value retention, computing power and management simplicity that is not easy to find in other solutions.

Latest information technology news


Business Intelligence

The term Business Intelligence is today associated to Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics, Lansa offers you an high quality tool integrated with the Lansa Technology, what else ?
Discover with us all the tools from Lansa.
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Latest information technology news


Swiss Virtual Expo

When you want to be a partner in modernization of IT you should be modern also in the way you introduce yourself on the market, that's why we are present in Swiss Virtual Expo, the new permanent expo for swiss enterprises, located in the metaverse.
Come to visit our stand and take a tour in "" !

Latest information technology news


IBM machines

You have always known the reliability and performance of IBM machines, you have also learned to appreciate their security in a time when cybersecurity is becoming a need but you can no longer bear the black and green video that smells of old... Today with Lansa products you can make your applications to the most modern Web and mobile standards and you can easily interface all internal or external systems of your company with any protocol. How many technologies do you have to learn? Only one: Lansa. Lansa and Mondo Software are the ideal partners to make your information system modern, effective, secure and performing. Have you never used the IBM i platform? This is the time to get to know her!

Latest information technology news


We are partners of Tinext

When you take your data and procedures outside the company perimeter, you can't stop at the first solution found on the Internet, you need to go deeper.
To have effective cloud solutions it is necessary to have the support of a powerful, secure and reliable infrastructure, Mondo Software sagl is now a partner of Tinext, one of the leading companies in Ticino present in Switzerland and in the world.

Latest information technology news



Good management starts from good planning, control requires having all the information updated and well grouped, the evaluation of effectiveness starts from the comparison of the estimate data with the final ones.
All of this is available in MSPlan in a clear and simple way.

Latest information technology news


Visual Lansa Framework

Visual Lansa Framework, in particular the VLF One version for the web world, offers the possibility of developing web applications without writing lines of code but with large possibilities to customize the contents through a guided process of choices.
The framework, used with RAMP, allows you to include the functions developed in 5250 mode on IBM i with an application infrastructure that uses the most modern technologies, all of which can be used from a browser without any emulators.
The big advantage of using these tools is the possibility for an RPG programmer to switch to web technology without having to study the concepts.

Latest information technology news


MSFreight spot offers

One of the efficiency problems in the commercial management of a transport company are the spot offers or the occasional requests for a transport of less than a container, not included in a continuous contract. Often the time spent preparing these offers exceeds the profitability of the transport itself.
To facilitate transport companies in creating spot offers, the MSFreight spot offers function was created which, starting from a request email or from a few entered data, is able to make an estimate, illustrating the previous history with the customer to the salesperson and allowing him to calculate the best rate by sending the offer with a click.
The software is in the cloud and can be used from the office or smartphone, always available to provide quick and effective answers because technology must be at the service of the business and simplify processes!

Latest information technology news


Remote work management

Remote work management becomes simple with the right tool: assign tasks and check their progress, manage absences for holidays, leaves, illnesses, channel holiday requests and attendance management in a single simple tool available everywhere on all platforms .
Mondo Software's MSPlan 2.0, the right tool.

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