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Latest information technology news


The Progressive Web App

It is web applications that are installed on your PC as apps and are able to update themselves.
Their importance lies in bringing together two worlds that are often considered alternatives (shall we make an app or a web application?).
The characteristic they inherit from web applications is that they must be developed only once and they work on all operating systems, the characteristic they inherit from apps is the possibility of downloading them and having them on your desktop by launching them with a click, without having to open the browser and search among the favourites.
Another step towards an IT that makes life easier!

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Latest information technology news


New version 2.0 of WebGarage

Released version 2.0 of WebGarage, the ideal product for garages and bodycars. It now includes the new functions for tire storage, hire replacement vehicles and roadside assistance, in addition the billing, collections and estimating functions have also been improved.

WebGarage 2.0 is a cloud application: you activate, configure and use it on both PC and Tablet, always at hand in your workshop.

Latest information technology news


From today has a new graphic design!

Great variety of Ticino products at your home with a click, this is proximity e-commerce!

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Latest information technology news


Live Webinar for the AsiaPacific region

Next Wednesday we will talk with Code Partners Pty Ltd about the key criteria for hybrid low-code success.

Join us to learn how you can overcome the obstacles generated by the increasing demand for business applications.


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Latest information technology news


We are very proud to be in the metaverse with Lansa!

Swiss Virtual Expo is a new place in the metaverse for Swiss market where you can find products, services and information both for companies and people.
Our presence is a reference for all companies who belives in IBM i potentiality and needs an help to reeingeneering and modernise their applications.
Come to visit Swiss Virtual Expo, you can find us at Pavillion 2 stand 31 !


Latest information technology news


Is it vacation time?

Vacation time? The rest allows you to rearrange your ideas, to abstract yourself from everyday problems and to focus on medium and long-term issues such as corporate digitalization.

Are you ready to face the challenge? Mondo Software can help you find the best solution to reorganize your company digitally and to modernize your information systems.

Latest information technology news


The priority for cybersecurity companies.

Cybersecurity for businesses has become a priority along with physical security and business continuity and needs to be addressed carefully.

The more companies rely on IT processes, the more they must be protected and reliable in order not to risk the operational block.

Security is not only about external attacks but also about the problems that can arise inside and involves not only technology but also the training and preparation of those who use it.

Mondo Software helps companies develop their own information systems and improve their ability to cope with the risks associated with them.

#digitalinnovation #resilience #software #training #mondosoftwaresagl

Latest information technology news


Lansa new technology

A Beginner's Guide to IBM i Data Sources. Learn more about using LANSA’s 🔧tools:


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Latest information technology news


MSPLan the Project Management System

To achieve good success in managing projects and company activities it is necessary to have the activities under control: which tasks must be completed in the month, how much effort has been spent on a project, to whom the activities are assigned and how much is the workload each member of the team, what are the costs of each task, what is the budget of the activities in progress and which are due, etc.
All this is available in MSPLan the Mondo Software sagl project management, assistance ticket, cost control and reporting system, the system is also available in the cloud and you pay for what you consume!

#software #team #cloud #mondosoftwaresagl

Latest information technology news


Digital Innovation

In an international context such as the current one, after two years of pandemic and a crisis that is turning from local to global, it is necessary to face the business in a dynamic and flexible way in order to be able to quickly orientate itself in new economic and operational scenarios.

The changing markets and supply logistic chains oblige us to always be ready to change our operating models.

Digital innovation can be of help in these contexts by offering us tools and methodologies able to adapt quickly to the new scenarios that arise.

The investment in digital technologies and in particular in new models of corporate EPR are of help to greater effectiveness and resilience.

Consult us for support in choosing your new business digital tools.

Latest information technology news


Visual Lansa allows to improve the development and analysis performance of information systems.

The key to success to face increasingly important challenges that require very fast response times is to use agile tools that allow you to focus on objectives instead of dedicating time to implementation details. Visual Lansa is the ideal tool to create web and mobile applications on the IBM i platform, it is a Low-Code tool, that is, it requires the minimum of programming to create complete and functional structures, allowing very short development times while maintaining high safety standards. . Can we help you face a better digital future on the IBM i platform? #digitalinnovation #lansa #mondosoftwaresagl

Latest information technology news


The Anatomy Of A Great User Experience.

Here are several Recommendations to help yourporganization improve the user experience of your Enterprise App:

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