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The priority for cybersecurity companies.

Cybersecurity for businesses has become a priority along with physical security and business continuity and needs to be addressed carefully.

The more companies rely on IT processes, the more they must be protected and reliable in order not to risk the operational block.

Security is not only about external attacks but also about the problems that can arise inside and involves not only technology but also the training and preparation of those who use it.

Mondo Software helps companies develop their own information systems and improve their ability to cope with the risks associated with them.

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Latest information technology news


Lansa new technology

A Beginner's Guide to IBM i Data Sources. Learn more about using LANSA’s 🔧tools:


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Latest information technology news


Tailor-made software is not a habit but a way to design digitalization

Tailor-made software is not a habit but a way to design digitalization on one's processes and use 100% of the investment in IT. Adapting to predefined schemes in some cases can be an advantage to accept best practices and improve one's standards but often it means losing one's own specificities that are the basis of one's value. Using modular software that starts from solid foundations and can be modeled on customer needs is the very essence of digitization. This is what we do every day in Modndo Software sagl. #innovazionedigitale #software #mondosoftwaresagl

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Often who uses IBM i system has developed over the years its own ERP tailored to the specific needs of its company, if the software was written in RPG on a green/black screen, today it finds itself in the need to switch to the web and integrate with other systems through the exchange of HTTP services.

These activities are made possible thanks to Lansa's products which allow a continuity of operational processes by gradually passing to a new technology while maintaining the basics and reliability of an IBM i system.

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Visual Lansa allows to improve the development and analysis performance of information systems.

The key to success to face increasingly important challenges that require very fast response times is to use agile tools that allow you to focus on objectives instead of dedicating time to implementation details. Visual Lansa is the ideal tool to create web and mobile applications on the IBM i platform, it is a Low-Code tool, that is, it requires the minimum of programming to create complete and functional structures, allowing very short development times while maintaining high safety standards. . Can we help you face a better digital future on the IBM i platform? #digitalinnovation #lansa #mondosoftwaresagl

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The Anatomy Of A Great User Experience.

Here are several Recommendations to help yourporganization improve the user experience of your Enterprise App:

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How to break down space and time barriers: solutions in #cloud.

Having at least a part of your information system in the cloud allows you to easily manage smart working, allows external actors (agents, customers, suppliers) to interact with us in an easy and controlled, avoids the direct management of hardware and systems.
The systems in the cloud allow to effectively centralize the IT distributed in the various corporate offices, allow customers from the other end of the world to place orders and have immediate confirmations despite the distance and the time zone.
However, all these advantages must be managed with attention to the safety aspects which must be carefully assessed.
Mondo Software sagl is a partner for #digitalinnovation.

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The sustainability of an activity also depends on the impact it has on traffic and environmental pollution.

Putting small and medium-sized agri-food companies in the area able to offer products online allows their customers to order from home. Managing a distribution system and in an innovative way makes it possible to deliver transport for kilometers and vehicles in motion.

Mondo Software participates in the project which aims to achieve these objectives in Ticino. #digitalinnovation #sustainable #mondosoftwaresagl

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Live Webinar for the AsiaPacific region

Next Wednesday we will talk with Code Partners Pty Ltd about the key criteria for hybrid low-code success.

Join us to learn how you can overcome the obstacles generated by the increasing demand for business applications.


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Blockchain: Beyond cryptocurrencies, there is more.

Blockchain technology allows you to record transactions in a distributed (without reference manager), public and reliable way. They are an innovative and effective tool for tracing the supply chain and will open up a new way of concluding agreements that allow the use of smart contracts, that can be activated and revoked online and also managed by artificial intelligence algorithms.

A new world is looming on the horizon and we want to be pioneers!

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Digital Transformation for the Enterprises.

When we talk about digital transformation we mean both the introduction of IT systems where they were not yet present and the adoption of web/mobile technologies where current systems are still tied to traditional technologies to make them safely usable anywhere, through various commonly used devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) and in a simpler and more intuitive way.

In the transformation process, however, it is necessary to be careful not to lose functionality and to maintain the effectiveness of the current systems, which is not always a given when dealing with IBM i systems. Another important point is the correct planning of the transformation in order to provide results along the way that integrate with the current systems so as to test the results as they happen and not have any surprises at the end of the process.

For these reasons it is important to be supported by the right partner and to use the most effective technologies.

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IT technologies are increasing every day the space they cover in our life and in our business.

IT technologies are increasing every day the space they cover in our life and in our business, are these technoligies innovative ? Da they help and improve our life and our job or not ?

If a company pays for a new IT project should get a revenue in economic and efficency terms or should improve the quality of work and it's sustaniability.

Let's evaluate carrefoully the IT investments and choose the best tools.