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Mondosoftware and the cloud.

New technologies allow huge potential allowing companies to focus on business without having to worry about infrastructure but what are the risks and consequences?
Cloud, SaaS, IoT, Big data, Machine learning, are ways to go in the company of experts who will guide you.
Mondo Software is waiting for you to start your journey.

The great crisis of 2020 leads to a revolution in the workplace.

The crisis we are going through has been very hard but it would have been even more ten years ago without the help of technology.
Social distancing, workplace's safety, and distance learning have also been made possible by an important use of networks and communication and collaboration tools on the web.
How much of this will remain after the emergency?
Business travel is likely to decrease, replaced by new distance collaboration opportunities, but goods and ideas will continue to travel.
We are proud to take part in the development of these technologies and make them available to companies to allow them to explore new opportunities.
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Reporting of your business activities

To better manage smart working you need to have the right tools to distribure the activities, reporting the work done and keeping costs and operating margins under control, all accessible anywhere in safety, in short MS Plan!

Mondo Software Services

Ready to find out more?

Contact us to find out how can we help you to get a better organisation and control of your company and to improve your business.

We can improve your company performance either you develop your own software internally or you serch for external products.


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