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The updating of IT systems is necessary but must not become a burden or a cost "imposed" by the development of technologies.

The gradual updating guided by an expert consultant becomes an opportunity to improve the company's operations and the possibility of increasing its turnover.
Just as e-commerce has shown that it can increase the sales of even a small shop and not only of the giants of commerce, also a review of technologies and business processes can improve the efficiency of a small company or service company.
Contact us for an opinion on how to improve without upsetting your business: info@mondosoftware.net, for a "friendly" technology.

The Swiss and Ticino farms focus on direct sales

With the lockdown many consumers have rediscovered local agricultural products:
the Swiss Farmers' Union wants to take advantage of the trend by supporting various projects - Sem Genini (Unione contadini ticinesi): «There is no lack of initiatives in Ticino»

Automation and digital industry

When we talk about the digital industry, we imagine a sales department that works only with online customers, a production department that electronically coordinates automated work centers and a warehouse where only robots move. It is a scenario to tend to but few companies have reached this level, most must start or have just started the path and it is important to be accompanied to avoid the missteps that can compromise the whole path.
Mondo Software is one of the partners that can accompany you in the path of innovation without compromising the business but providing new opportunities.
- e-commerce
- sales network support
- production management
- warehouse logistics
- dispatch and transport
- management control

Mondo Software Services

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Contact us to find out how can we help you to get a better organisation and control of your company and to improve your business.

We can improve your company performance either you develop your own software internally or you serch for external products.


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