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Mondo Software

IT Consulting & Services

Mondo Software is a consulting IT company with many years of experience in Finance and in Transport & Logistic fields.

Our aim is to help our customers to find the best technology solutions to boost their business.

We assist  them in finding and introducing the right products or developing solutions side by side.


The #businesswelfare world's is growing rapidly.

15 October 2021, 11:30:03

Every year more and more companies recognize the central role of human capital and invest in corporate welfare plans.

FORTUNE ITALIA has summarized the main operators and professionals in the sector in 100 positions.

On page 11 in the part dedicated to #providerwelfare we are also present with our Founder Luciano Carlo Bevilacqua.

A result that encourages us to continue to pursue our vision, which is a quality service based on expertise, personalized advice and dedicated assistance.

#welfare #human resources #flexiblebenefits

Read the full article 👉 https://hubs.ly/H0ZgZ030

Cyber Seccurity

6 October 2021, 12:00:48

For all companies the internet is vital but security is often underestimated, build an open and secure system!

Sustainability arises from everyday.

22 September 2021, 16:00:21

Sustainability comes from daily gestures such as discovering and buying local products receiving them at home through an innovative delivery process that reduces the environmental impact.

Tilog.ch is an example of how digitization can improve the sustainability and flexibility of your business.

#digitalinnovation #mondosoftwaresagl


Mondo Software Services

Cloud Solutions

Mondo Software offers products and solutions available in cloud.

You need no Hardware, no internal maintenance and you pay a monthly fee !


Find out more about Mondo Software products as, HR management, Cost management, Commercial offers, WMS and Production planning

Project Development

Mondo Software can assist your company in each steps in internal system development and maintenance: Project management, Functional analissis, Development and Test.

Help desk support

Mondo Software can help you to set up and manage an IT Demand and Delivery Support

Dev Tools

We have a long experience on IBM i platform and we can help you with the best tool available for the platform.

Network Solutions

Mondo Software can study your needs and we can work with you side by side in creating or reenginering your network.

Ready to find out more?

Contact us to find out how can we help you to get a better organisation and control of your company and to improve your business.

We can improve your company performance either you develop your own software internally or you serch for external products.