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Powerful architected Rapid Application Development (aRAD) product in IBM i - 5250 environment, based on architecture built on abstract models ready to be generated in application components.

Designed to support the development of medium to large enterprise applications by a team of many programmers, it can include a version control product and generate programs in both RPG and COBOL.


CA Plex

With CA Plex, you can develop applications faster and more efficiently without necessarily having an in-depth knowledge of programming languages.

CA Plex is an architected Rapid Application Development (aRAD) application development tool, with architecture that provides models and generators in a single integrated environment.

The architecture favors the integration of data between different systems and platforms, such as Windows both Client and Server, IBM i, it integrates the most used databases such as MS-SQL, Oracle, DB2 / 400, improving both productivity and business flexibility.

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