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Mondo Software Cloud

MS Plan is a complete suite that manages all company activities:

  • Customers and Projects

  • Activities, workflows and  time schedule

  • Reporting

  • Revenues and cost

  • Timesheet

  • Ticketing

 A complete overview of the business for Project Managers and Cost Controllers, all functionalities available in cloud with a monthly fee, all inclusive.

MS Commercial offers is a tool used by commercial agents to archive contacts, prepare offers and manage orders of standard products and custom production.

  • Commercial network management

  • Multilevel price list distribution

  • Orders download (manual & scheduled)

In cloud solution, no hardware & software investments, just a monthly fee.

MS Spot Offers specific for spot offers in transport, a simple solution for a complex problem: from the request email to the preparation of the offer in one click, always having the customer's commercial history available.

MS Garage Product for the management of the activity of a mechanical workshop.It manages the work that must to be done on a car starting from the appointment, from its reservation, to the acceptance of the vehicle when it enters the workshop.From the acceptance onwards, a work sheet is created that includes all the work is carried out with a summary of parts and hours spent on the vehicle.Moreover, it is possible to create reports of the work sheet, with the final balance of the parts used, the workmanship, the hours spent and by whom.

The cloud solution does not involve hardware and software investment costs, it only requires a monthly fee

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